Panasonic Eneloop 1x2 Baby Adapter C

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1x2 Panasonic eneloop Adapter Size C.

1x2 Panasonic eneloop Adapter Size C

Even though 85% of all disposable batteries sold are either AA or AAA size, there are still some applications, which require other battery sizes. The two next common sizes are C and D. Typical examples, where these sizes are required are big torches or portable radios. For these cases eneloop offers simple but smart plastic adaptors, which transform an AA-size eneloop into a C- or D-size battery.

Plug the eneloop into the adaptor and you can use it in your equipment. Of course the adaptors only adapt the mechanical dimensions of the eneloop (length and diameter) and obviously not its electrical characteristics. The voltage and the capacity remain unchanged to the eneloop AA specification.